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Präsidentschaftswahlen Usa Wiki

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An action against states which were in rebellion, a step towards their defeat, was entirely appropriate. The South interpreted it as a hostile act.

This allowed Lincoln to prohibit slavery to a limited extent, without igniting resistance from anti-abolitionist forces in the Union.

None of the slaves who lived outside the border areas were immediately affected, and it was the invading Northern armies which enforced the prohibition.

While personally opposed to slavery see Abraham Lincoln and slavery , Lincoln believed that the Constitution did not give Congress the power to end it, stating in his first Inaugural Address that he "had no objection to [this] being made express and irrevocable" via the Corwin Amendment.

Slavery was not actually abolished in the U. About four million black slaves were freed in Ninety-five percent of blacks lived in the South, comprising one third of its total population.

In contrast, only five percent of blacks lived in the North, comprising only one percent of its total population.

Consequently, fears of eventual emancipation were much greater in the South than in the North. After the Civil War, the 13th amendment in , formally abolishing slavery, was ratified.

Furthermore, Congress passed the Civil Rights Act of , which broadened a range of civil rights to all persons born in the United States.

Despite this, the emergence of " Black Codes ", sanctioned acts of subjugation against blacks, continued to bar African-Americans from due civil rights.

The Naturalization Act of limited U. African-Americans began voting, seeking office positions, utilizing public education.

By the end of Reconstruction in the mid s, violent white supremacists came to power via paramilitary groups such as the Red Shirts and the White League and imposed Jim Crow laws which deprived African-Americans of voting rights by instituting systemic and discriminatory policies of unequal racial segregation.

Native Americans have lived on the North American continent for at least 10, years and millions of Native Americans were living in what is today the United States at the time European settlers first arrived.

Through wars , forced displacement such as the Trail of Tears , and the imposition of treaties, land was taken. The loss of land often resulted in hardships for Native Americans.

In the early 18th century, the English had enslaved nearly Choctaws. After the creation of the United States, the idea of Indian removal gained momentum.

However, some Native Americans chose or were allowed to remain and avoided removal whereafter they were subjected to official racism.

The Choctaws in Mississippi described their situation in , "we have had our habitations torn down and burned, our fences destroyed, cattle turned into our fields and we ourselves have been scourged, manacled, fettered and otherwise personally abused, until by such treatment some of our best men have died.

Cobb, who moved to Mississippi from Georgia, described the Choctaws as having "no nobility or virtue at all," and in some respect he found blacks, especially native Africans, to be more interesting and admirable, the red man's superior in every way.

The Choctaw and Chickasaw, the tribes he knew best, were beneath contempt, that is, even worse than black slaves. In the s, ideologies such as Manifest destiny , which held the view that the United States was destined to expand from coast to coast on the North American continent, fueled U.

In the years leading up to the Indian Removal Act of there were many armed conflicts between settlers and Native Americans.

In Martin Luther King Jr. Under Mexican rule in California , Indians were subjected to de facto enslavement under a system of peonage by the white elite.

While in , California formally entered the Union as a free state , with respect to the issue of slavery , the practice of Indian indentured servitude was not outlawed by the California Legislature until Native American nations on the plains in the west continued armed conflicts with the U.

In the years leading up to the Wounded Knee massacre the U. Army's attempt to subdue the Lakota. The dance was part of a religion founded by Wovoka that told of the return of the Messiah to relieve the suffering of Native Americans and promised that if they would live righteous lives and perform the Ghost Dance properly, the European American invaders would vanish, the bison would return, and the living and the dead would be reunited in an Edenic world.

During the period surrounding the Wounded Knee Massacre, author L. Frank Baum wrote two editorials about Native Americans.

Five days after the killing of the Lakota Sioux holy man , Sitting Bull , Baum wrote, "The proud spirit of the original owners of these vast prairies inherited through centuries of fierce and bloody wars for their possession, lingered last in the bosom of Sitting Bull.

With his fall the nobility of the Redskin is extinguished, and what few are left are a pack of whining curs who lick the hand that smites them.

The Whites, by the law of conquest, by a justice of civilization, are masters of the American continent, and the best safety of the frontier settlements will be secured by the total annihilation of the few remaining Indians.

Why not annihilation? Their glory has fled, their spirit broken, their manhood effaced; better that they die than live the miserable wretches that they are.

Having wronged them for centuries we had better, in order to protect our civilization, follow it up by one more wrong and wipe these untamed and untamable creatures from the face of the earth.

In this lies safety for our settlers and the soldiers who are under incompetent commands. Otherwise, we may expect future years to be as full of trouble with the redskins as those have been in the past.

Military and civil resistance by Native Americans has been a constant feature of American history.

So too have a variety of debates around issues of sovereignty, the upholding of treaty provisions, and the civil rights of Native Americans under U.

Once their territories were incorporated into the United States, surviving Native Americans were denied equality before the law and often treated as wards of the state.

In a number of cases, treaties signed with Native Americans were violated. Tens of thousands of American Indians and Alaska Natives were forced to attend a residential school system which sought to reeducate them in white settler American values, culture and economy.

The treatment of the Native Americans was admired by the Nazis. Further dispossession of various kinds continues into the present, although these current dispossessions, especially in terms of land, rarely make major news headlines in the country e.

The Worldwatch Institute notes that reservations are threatened by environmental hazards, while Western Shoshone land has been subjected to more than 1, nuclear explosions.

The government appointed agents, like Benjamin Hawkins , to live among the Native Americans and to teach them, through example and instruction, how to live like whites.

The Naturalization Act of limited citizenship to whites only. The Indian Citizenship Act of granted U. Prior to the passage of the act, nearly two-thirds of Native Americans were already U.

Under article XIV of that treaty, any Choctaw who elected not to move to Native American Territory could become an American citizen when he registered and if he stayed on designated lands for five years after treaty ratification.

While formal equality has been legally recognized, American Indians , Alaska Natives , Native Hawaiians , and Pacific Islanders remain among the most economically disadvantaged groups in the country, and according to National mental health studies, American Indians as a group tend to suffer from high levels of alcoholism, depression and suicide.

The Constitution of the State of California prohibited the employment of Chinese people by state and local governments, as well as by businesses that were incorporated in California.

Also, the California constitution delegated power to local governments of California to remove Chinese people from within their borders.

Several mob attacks against Chinese people took place, including the Rock Springs massacre of in Wyoming in which at least 28 Chinese miners were killed and 15 injured, and the Hells Canyon massacre of in Oregon where 34 Chinese miners were killed.

The new century saw a hardening of institutionalized racism and legal discrimination against citizens of African descent in the United States.

Throughout the post Civil War period, racial stratification was informally and systemically enforced, in order to solidify the pre-existing social order.

Although they were technically able to vote, poll taxes , pervasive acts of terrorism such as lynchings often perpetrated by hate groups such as the reborn Ku Klux Klan , founded in the Reconstruction South , and discriminatory laws such as grandfather clauses kept black Americans and many Poor Whites disenfranchised particularly in the South.

Furthermore, discrimination extended to state legislation that "allocated vastly unequal financial support" for black and white schools.

In addition to this, county officials sometimes redistributed resources which were earmarked for blacks to white schools, further undermining educational opportunities.

This time period is sometimes referred to as the nadir of American race relations because racism, segregation , racial discrimination , and expressions of white supremacy all increased.

So did anti-black violence, including race riots such as the Atlanta Race riot of and the Tulsa race riot of The Atlanta riot was characterized by the French newspaper Le Petit Journal as a "racial massacre of negroes".

There is nothing new about it. It was the Almighty who established the bounds of the habitation of the races.

The negroes were brought here by compulsion; they should be induced to leave here by persuasion. In addition, racism, which had been viewed primarily as a problem in the Southern states, burst onto the national consciousness following the Great Migration , the relocation of millions of African Americans from their roots in the rural Southern states to the industrial centers of the North and West between and , particularly in cities such as Boston , Chicago , Detroit , New York City Harlem , Los Angeles , Oakland , Seattle , Portland , Phoenix , and Denver.

Within Chicago, for example, between and , the percentage of African-Americans leapt from 2.

Known economic push factors played a role in migration, such as the emergence of a split labor market and agricultural distress from the boll weevil destruction of the cotton economy.

Southern migrants were often treated in accordance with pre-existing racial stratification. The rapid influx of blacks into the North and West disturbed the racial balance within cities, exacerbating hostility between both black and white residents in the two regions.

Stereotypic schemas of Southern blacks were used to attribute issues in urban areas, such as crime and disease, to the presence of African-Americans.

Overall, African-Americans in most Northern and Western cities experienced systemic discrimination in a plethora of aspects of life.

Within employment, economic opportunities for blacks were routed to the lowest-status and restrictive in potential mobility.

Within the housing market, stronger discriminatory measures were used in correlation to the influx, resulting in a mix of "targeted violence, restrictive covenants , redlining and racial steering".

Throughout this period, racial tensions exploded, most violently in Chicago, and lynchings —mob-directed hangings, usually racially motivated—increased dramatically in the s.

Urban riots—whites attacking blacks—became a northern and western problem. Elected in , President Woodrow Wilson ordered segregation throughout the federal government.

Black soldiers were often poorly trained and equipped, and were often put on the frontlines in suicide missions. The U. In addition, no African-American would receive the Medal of Honor during the war, and black soldiers had to sometimes give up their seats in trains to the Nazi prisoners of war.

The Jim Crow Laws were state and local laws enacted in the Southern and border states of the United States and enforced between and They mandated " separate but equal " status for blacks.

In reality, this led to treatment and accommodations that were almost always inferior to those which were provided to whites.

The most important laws required that public schools, public places and public transportation, like trains and buses, have separate facilities for whites and blacks.

State-sponsored school segregation was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of the United States in in Brown v.

Board of Education. One of the first federal court cases which challenged segregation in schools was Mendez v. Westminster in By the s, the Civil Rights Movement was gaining momentum.

A lynching that sparked public outrage about injustice was that of Emmett Till , a year-old boy from Chicago. Spending the summer with his relatives in Money, Mississippi , Till was killed for allegedly having wolf-whistled at a white woman.

Tens of thousands filed past Till's remains, but it was the publication of the searing funeral image in Jet , with a stoic Mamie gazing at her murdered child's ravaged body, that forced the world to reckon with the brutality of American racism.

The visceral response to his mother's decision to have an open-casket funeral mobilized the black community throughout the U.

Newkirk wrote "the trial of his killers became a pageant illuminating the tyranny of white supremacy ".

Milam, but they were speedily acquitted by an all-white jury. In response to heightening discrimination and violence, non-violent acts of protest began to occur.

For example, in February , in Greensboro, North Carolina , four young African-American college students entered a Woolworth store and sat down at the counter but were refused service.

The men had learned about non-violent protest in college, and continued to sit peacefully as whites tormented them at the counter, pouring ketchup on their heads and burning them with cigarettes.

After this, many sit-ins took place in order to non-violently protest against racism and inequality.

Sit-ins continued throughout the South and spread to other areas. Eventually, after many sit-ins and other non-violent protests, including marches and boycotts, places began to agree to desegregate.

In his trials for murder De La Beckwith evaded conviction via all-white juries both trials ended with hung juries.

On Sunday, September 15, with a stack of dynamite hidden on an outside staircase, Ku Klux Klansmen destroyed one side of the Birmingham church.

The bomb exploded in proximity to twenty-six children who were preparing for choir practice in the basement assembly room.

With the bombing occurring only a couple of weeks after Martin Luther King Jr. It influenced the passage of the Civil Rights Act of that banned discrimination in public accommodations, employment, and labor unions and Voting Rights Act of which overruled remaining Jim Crow laws.

Nonetheless, neither had been implemented by the end of the s as civil rights leaders continued to strive for political and social freedom.

Many U. In , Mildred Loving, a black woman, and Richard Loving, a white man, were sentenced to a year in prison in Virginia for marrying each other.

Virginia case in , the Supreme Court invalidated laws prohibiting interracial marriage in the U. Segregation continued even after the demise of the Jim Crow laws.

Data on house prices and attitudes towards integration suggest that in the midth century, segregation was a product of collective actions taken by whites to exclude blacks from their neighborhoods.

Although in the U. The practice was fought first through passage of the Fair Housing Act of which prevents redlining when the criteria for redlining are based on race, religion, gender, familial status, disability, or ethnic origin , and later through the Community Reinvestment Act of , which requires banks to apply the same lending criteria in all communities.

Up until the s, the full revenue potential of what was called "the Negro market" was largely ignored by white-owned manufacturers in the U.

On his decision to take part in exhibition races against racehorses in order to earn money, Olympic champion Jesse Owens stated, "People say that it was degrading for an Olympic champion to run against a horse, but what was I supposed to do?

I had four gold medals, but you can't eat four gold medals. Not for a black man, anyway. As the civil rights movement and the dismantling of Jim Crow laws in the s and s deepened existing racial tensions in much of the Southern U.

S, a Republican Party electoral strategy — the Southern strategy — was enacted in order to increase political support among white voters in the South by appealing to racism against African Americans.

While substantial gains were made in the succeeding decades through middle class advancement and public employment, black poverty and lack of education continued in the context of de-industrialization.

From to , the United States Department of Agriculture discriminated against tens of thousands of black American farmers, denying loans that were provided to white farmers in similar circumstances.

The discrimination was the subject of the Pigford v. During the s and '90s a number of riots occurred that were related to longstanding racial tensions between police and minority communities.

The Miami riots were catalyzed by the killing of an African-American motorist by four white Miami-Dade Police officers.

They were subsequently acquitted on charges of manslaughter and evidence tampering. Khalil Gibran Muhammad , the Director of the Harlem-based Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture has identified more than instances of mass racial violence in the United States since and has noted that almost every instance was precipitated by a police incident.

Politically, the " winner-take-all " structure that applies to 48 out of 50 states [] in the electoral college benefits white representation, as no state has voters of color as the majority of the electorate.

The lack of representation in Congress has also led to lower voter turnout. Many cite the United States presidential election as a step forward in race relations: white Americans played a role in electing Barack Obama , the country's first black president.

In South Carolina, for instance,"Whites were far likelier to name Clinton than Obama as being most qualified to be commander in chief, likeliest to unite the country and most apt to capture the White House in November.

Blacks named Obama over Clinton by even stronger margins—two- and three-to one—in all three areas. Sociologist Russ Long stated in that there is now a more subtle racism that associates a specific race with a specific characteristic.

Multiple factors go into how stereotypes are established, such as age and the setting in which they are being applied.

Zimmerman, a neighborhood-watch volunteer, claimed that Martin was being suspicious and called the Sanford police to report him.

Zimmerman was injured in the altercation and claimed self-defense. The incident caused national outrage after Zimmerman was not charged over the shooting.

The national coverage of the incident lead Sandford police to arrest Zimmerman and charge him with second-degree murder, but he was found not guilty at trial.

Public outcry followed the acquittal and created an abundance of mistrust between minorities and the Sanford police.

In , the police shooting of Michael Brown , an African American, in Ferguson, Missouri lead to widespread unrest in the town.

In the years following, mass media has followed other high profile police shootings of African-Americans, often with video evidence from police body-worn cameras.

Amongst 15 high-profile police shooting deaths of African-Americans, only 1 officer faced prison time. High-profile shooting deaths of African-Americans lead to the creation of the Black Lives Matter movement.

In August , the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination issued a rare warning to the US and its leadership to "unequivocally and unconditionally" condemn racist speech and crime, following violence in Charlottesville during a rally organized by white nationalists , white supremacists , Klansmen , neo-Nazis and various right-wing militias in July.

White women calling the police on blacks has become more publicized in recent years. Untold numbers of lynchings were executed because white women had claimed that a black man raped, assaulted, talked to or glanced at them.

I'm going to tell them there's an African American man threatening my life. Please send the cops immediately!

Louis, Missouri where he is a resident before calling the police, and a woman accusing a boy of groping her in a store in Brooklyn, New York which was disproven by surveillance.

On May 25, , George Floyd , a year-old black man, was killed by a white Minneapolis Police Department officer, Derek Chauvin , who forced his knee on Floyd's neck for a total of 8 minutes and 46 seconds.

Asian Americans , including those of East Asian , Southeast Asian , and South Asian descent, have experienced racism since the first major groups of Chinese immigrants arrived in America.

The Naturalization Act of made Asians ineligible for citizenship. During the Industrial Revolution in the United States , labor shortages in the mining and rail industries were prevalent.

Chinese immigrant labor was often used to fill this gap, most notably with the construction of the First Transcontinental Railroad , leading to large-scale Chinese immigration.

The Constitution of the State of California prohibited employment of Chinese people by state and local governments, and by businesses incorporated in California.

Several massacres of Chinese people, including the Rock Springs massacre of and the Hells Canyon massacre of further exemplified deep American racist animus against Chinese people.

Local discriminatory laws were also enacted to stifle Chinese business and job opportunities; for example, in the Supreme Court case of Yick Wo v.

Hopkins , a San Francisco city ordinance requiring permits for laundries which were mostly Chinese-owned was struck down, as it was evident the law solely targeted Chinese Americans.

When the law was in effect, the city issued permits to virtually all non-Chinese permit applicants, while only granting one permit out of two hundred applications from Chinese laundry owners.

When the Chinese laundries continued to operate, the city tried to fine the owners. In , California, home to many Chinese immigrants, enacted an Alien Land Law , which significantly restricted land ownership by Asian immigrants, and extended it in , ultimately banning virtually all land ownership by Asians.

Japanese immigrants, who were unaffected by the Chinese Exclusion Act, began to enter the United States in large numbers in , filling jobs that were once filled by Chinese workers.

This influx also led to discrimination and President Theodore Roosevelt restricted Japanese immigration. Later, Japanese immigration was closed when Japan entered into the Gentlemen's Agreement of to stop issuing passports to Japanese workers intending to move to the U.

However, at the time, the United States was actively fighting the Empire of Japan , which was a member of the Axis powers. Anti-Japanese racism , which spiked after the attack on Pearl Harbor , was tacitly encouraged by the government, which used slurs such as " Jap " in propaganda posters and even interned Japanese Americans , citing possible security threats.

American soldiers in the Pacific theater often dehumanized their enemy, leading them to mutilate Japanese war dead.

Apparently some soldiers mailed Japanese skulls home as souvenirs, while none of them mailed German or Italian skulls home. Some historians have alleged that a climate of racism, with unofficial rules like the "mere gook rule", [] [] allowed a pattern to exist in which South Vietnamese civilians were treated as if they were less than human and war crimes became common.

Prior to , Indian immigration to the U. The Bellingham riots in Bellingham, Washington , on September 5, , epitomized the low tolerance in the U.

While anti-Asian racism was embedded in U. Bhagat Singh Thind , the Supreme Court ruled that high caste Hindus were not "white persons" and were therefore racially ineligible for naturalized citizenship.

The Immigration and Nationality Act of dramatically opened entry to the U. In modern times, Asians have been perceived as a " model minority ".

They are categorized as more educated and successful, and are stereotyped as intelligent and hard-working, but socially inept. According to the Journal of Organizational Behavior, in , out of 1, adult Asian Americans, 92 percent of those who experienced personal discrimination believed that the unfair treatment was due to their ethnicity.

These stereotypes can also obstruct career paths; because Asians are seen as better skilled in engineering, computing, and mathematics, they are often encouraged to pursue technical careers.

They are also discouraged from pursuing non-technical occupations or executive occupations requiring more social interaction, since Asians are perceived to have poor social skills.

In the study, forty percent of those surveyed who experienced discrimination believed that they had lost hiring or promotion opportunities.

In , the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reported that Asians make up 10 percent of professional jobs, while 3. Other forms of discrimination against Asian Americans include racial profiling and hate crimes.

The FBI noted that in , 3. Research shows that discrimination has led to more use of informal mental health services by Asian Americans.

Asian Americans who feel discriminated against also tend to smoke more. There have been widespread incidents of xenophobia and racism against Chinese Americans and other Asian Americans.

Various European American immigrant groups have been subjected to discrimination on the basis of their religion see Religious discrimination in the United States and Anti-Catholicism in the United States , immigrant status which is known as " Nativism " or ethnicity country of origin.

In the 19th century, this was particularly true because of anti-Irish prejudice , which was based on anti-Catholic sentiment, and prejudice against the Irish as an ethnicity.

This was especially true for Irish Catholics who immigrated to the U. During the s in the U.

The Native American Party, commonly called the Know Nothing movement was a political party, whose membership was limited to Protestant men, that operated on a national basis during the mids and sought to limit the influence of Irish Catholics and other immigrants, thus reflecting nativism and anti-Catholic sentiment.

There was widespread anti-Irish job discrimination in the United States and "No Irish need apply" signs were common. Kennedy , who went on to become the first Catholic U.

The 20th century saw discrimination against immigrants from southern and eastern Europe notably Italian Americans and Polish Americans , partly from anti-Catholic sentiment as well as discrimination against Irish Americans , and partly from Nordicism.

The primary spokesman for Nordicism was the eugenicist Madison Grant. His book, The Passing of the Great Race, or the Racial Basis of European History about Nordicism was highly influential among racial thinking and government policy making in the U.

Biological laws tell us that certain divergent people will not mix or blend. The Nordics propagate themselves successfully.

With other races, the outcome shows deterioration on both sides. An advocate of the U. Nordicism led to the reduction in Southern European, along with Slavic Eastern European and Russian immigrants in the National Origins Formula of the Emergency Quota Act of and the Immigration Act of , whose goal was to maintain the status quo distribution of ethnicity by limiting immigration of non-Northern Europeans.

Department of State the purpose of the act was "to preserve the ideal of American homogeneity".

The allegations included spying for Germany, or endorsing the German war effort. One person was killed by a mob; in Collinsville, Illinois , German-born Robert Prager was dragged from jail as a suspected spy and lynched.

The last to be released, a German-American, remained imprisoned until at Ellis Island, [] three and a half years after the cessation of hostilities against Germany.

The National Origins Formula significantly reduced inflows of non-Nordic ethnicities; the Great Migration of African-Americans out of the South displaced anti-white immigrant racism with anti-black racism.

The Roma population in America has blended more-or-less seamlessly into the rest of American society. This practice is motivated by misperceptions and ignorance regarding the term rather than any expression of bigotry against Romani people which is called anti-ziganism.

Americans of Latin American ancestry often categorized as " Hispanic " or Hispanic and Latino Americans come from a wide variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds.

As a result, not all Latinos are distinguishable as members of a single racial minority. Mexicans who resided in that territory were subjected to discrimination.

It is estimated that at least Mexicans were lynched between and this is a conservative estimate due to the fact that there was a lack of records when many reported lynchings were committed.

Between and , Mexicans were lynched at a rate of This lynching statistic is second only to the statistic within the African American community, which suffered an average of During the Great Depression , the U.

In total, up to one million persons of Mexican ancestry were deported, approximately 60 percent of those individuals were actually U.

The Zoot Suit riots were vivid incidents of racial violence against Latinos e. Naval servicemen stationed in a Latino neighborhood conflicted with youth in the dense neighborhood.

Frequent confrontations between small groups and individuals had intensified and erupted into several days of non-stop rioting.

Large mobs of servicemen would enter civilian quarters looking to attack Mexican American youths, some of whom were wearing zoot suits , a distinctive exaggerated fashion popular among that group.

Many public institutions, businesses, and homeowners associations officially excluded Mexican Americans as a matter of policy. School children of Mexican American descent were subjected to racial segregation in the public school system.

In many counties, Mexican Americans were excluded from serving as jurors in court cases, especially in those that involved Mexican American defendants.

In many areas across the Southwest, they lived in separate residential areas, due to laws and real estate company policies.

Antisemitism has also played a role in the United States. During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, hundreds of thousands of ethnic Jews escaped the pogroms in Europe.

They boarded boats which left ports that were located on the Baltic Sea as well as ports that were located in Northern Germany , and they largely arrived at Ellis Island , New York.

It is suggested by Leo Rosten , in his book The Joys of Yiddish , that as soon as they left their boats, they were subjected to racism by the port immigration authorities.

The derogatory term kike was adopted in reference to Jews because most of them could not write and as a result, they may have signed their immigration papers with circles — or kikels in Yiddish.

Beginning in the s, Southern Jewish communities were attacked by the Ku Klux Klan, which objected to Jewish immigration, and often used "The Jewish Banker" caricature in its propaganda.

In , Leo Frank was lynched in Georgia after being convicted of rape and sentenced to death his punishment was commuted to life imprisonment.

Events in Nazi Germany also attracted attention in the United States. Jewish lobbying for intervention in Europe drew opposition from the isolationists , amongst whom was Father Charles Coughlin , a well known radio priest, who was known to be critical of Jews, believing that they were leading the United States into the war.

A number of Jewish organizations, Christian organizations, Muslim organizations, and academics consider the Nation of Islam anti-Semitic.

Specifically, they claim that the Nation of Islam has engaged in revisionist and antisemitic interpretations of the Holocaust and exaggerates the role of Jews in the African slave trade.

Although Jews are often considered white by mainstream American society, the relationship between Jews and the concept of whiteness remains complex, with some preferring not to identify as white.

Even if some Jews do believe that they're white, I think that they've been duped. I think that antisemitism has proven itself to be a powerful force in nearly every post of Western civilization where Christianity has a presence.

And so even as a Christian, I say continually to my Jewish brothers and sisters: don't believe the hype about your full scale assimilation and integration into the mainstream.

It only takes an event or two for a certain kind of anti-Jewish, antisemitic sensibility to surface in places that you would be surprised.

But I'm just thoroughly convinced that America is not the promised land for Jewish brothers and sisters. A lot of Jewish brothers say, "No, that's not true.

We finally You said that in Weimar Germany. In recent years, some scholars have advanced the concept of New antisemitism , coming simultaneously from the far left , the far right , and radical Islam.

This tends to focus on opposition to the creation of a Jewish homeland in the State of Israel , and it also argues that the language of Anti-Zionism and criticism of Israel are both used to attack Jews more broadly.

According to this view, the proponents of the new concept believe that criticisms of Israel and Zionism are often disproportionate in degree and unique in kind, and they attribute this to antisemitism.

Yehuda Bauer , Professor of Holocaust Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem , has argued that the concept of a "new antisemitism" is essentially false since it is in fact an alternative form of the old antisemitism of previous decades, which he believes remains latent at times but recurs whenever it is triggered.

In his view, the current trigger is the Israel-Palestine situation ; if a compromise making ground in the Arab-Israeli peace process were achieved, he believes that antisemitism would once again decline but not disappear.

Chomsky has written in his work Necessary Illusions that the Anti-Defamation League casts any question of pro-Israeli policy as antisemitism, conflating and muddling issues as even Zionists receive the allegation.

On October 27, , Robert D. Bowers opened fire in a synagogue in Pittsburgh with an ARstyle assault rifle while shouting anti-Semitic racial slurs.

This attack resulted in 11 dead and 6 wounded, leaving the assailant charged with 29 criminal counts, one of which was the obstruction of free exercise of religious beliefs.

People of Middle Eastern and South Asian descent historically occupied an ambiguous racial status in the United States.

Middle Eastern and South Asian immigrants were among those who sued in the late 19th and early 20th century to determine whether they were "white" immigrants as required by naturalization law.

By , courts had vindicated a "common-knowledge" standard, concluding that "scientific evidence", including the notion of a " Caucasian race " including Middle Easterners and many South Asians, was incoherent.

Legal scholar John Tehranian argues that in reality this was a "performance-based" standard, relating to religious practices, education, intermarriage and a community's role in the United States.

Racism against Arab Americans [] and racialized Islamophobia against Muslims have risen concomitantly with tensions between the American government and the Islamic world.

Arab Americans in particular were most demonized after the September 11 attacks, which led to hatred towards Middle Easterners living in the United States and elsewhere in the Western world.

The case of Balbir Singh Sodhi , a Sikh who was murdered at a Phoenix gas station by a white supremacist for "looking like an Arab terrorist" because of the turban, a requirement of Sikhism , as well as that of Hindus being attacked for "being Muslims" have achieved prominence and criticism following the September 11 attacks.

Those of Middle Eastern descent who are in the United States military face racism from fellow soldiers.

During his basic training, he was made to put cloth around his head and play the role of terrorist. His fellow soldiers had to take him down to the ground and draw guns on him.

He was also called things such as " raghead ", "sand monkey", and "Zachari bin Laden". Racial profiling is a growing problem for Arab Americans following the September 11 attacks.

Particularly in airports, Arab Americans are often subject to heightened security screening, pre-boarding searches and interrogations, and are sometimes denied passage "based solely on the belief that ethnicity or national origin increases passengers' flight risk.

Originally, passenger profiling was introduced in the s to identify potential hijackers that fit the "profile" of a person who is "likely to be a terrorist.

The Department Of Justice released a statement in claiming that automated passenger screenings would not have a "disparate impact on any group of passengers.

At worst, they are simply a recipe for bigoted behavior. The November Iranian hostage crisis of the U. Even though such sentiments gradually declined after the release of the hostages at the start of , they sometimes flare up.

In response, some Iranian immigrants to the U. Since the s and especially since the s, it has been argued, Hollywood's depiction of Iranians has gradually shown signs of vilifying Iranians.

In the United States, Indian Americans have sometimes been mistaken for Arabs or Muslims , and thus, many of the same prejudices which have been experienced by Arab Americans have also been experienced by Indian Americans, regardless of their actual religious or ethnic background.

In the s, a gang known as the Dotbusters specifically targeted Indian Americans in Jersey City, New Jersey with violence and harassment.

Numerous cases of religious stereotyping of American Hindus mainly of Indian origin have also been documented. Since the September 11, attacks , there have been scattered incidents of Indian Americans becoming mistaken targets for hate crimes.

In another example, a pizza deliverer was mugged and beaten in Massachusetts for "being Muslim " though the victim pleaded with the assailants that he was in fact a Hindu.

Klonoff found that racist discrimination is rampant in the lives of African Americans and as a result, it is strongly related to psychiatric symptoms.

These relationships were largely unaccounted for by other variables. Demographic variables such as income and education were not related to experiences of racism.

The results suggest that racism can be detrimental to African American's well being. It was found that perceived discrimination is correlated with depressive symptoms, especially for those less acculturated in the United States, like Mexican immigrants and migrants.

Along the vein of somatic responses to discrimination, Kennedy et al. These data suggest that racism, measured as an ecologic characteristic, is associated with higher mortality in both blacks and whites.

Thomas LaVeist ; tested the hypothesis that segregation would aid in explaining race differences in infant mortality rates across cities.

Analyzing large and midsized cities, LaVeist found support for the hypothesis. Since LaVeist's studies, segregation has received increased attention as a determinant of racial disparities in mortality.

Mortality for male and female whites was not associated in either direction with residential segregation. Researchers Sharon A. Jackson, Roger T.

Anderson, Norman J. Johnson and Paul D. Sorlie found that, after adjustment for family income, mortality risk increased with increasing minority residential segregation among Blacks aged 25 to 44 years and non-Blacks aged 45 to 64 years.

These results suggest that minority residential segregation may influence mortality risk and underscore the traditional emphasis on the social underpinnings of disease and death.

Stephanie A. Bond Huie writes that neighborhoods affect health and mortality outcomes primarily in an indirect fashion through environmental factors such as smoking, diet, exercise, stress, and access to health insurance and medical providers.

As early as , the Civil Rights Act provided a remedy for intentional race discrimination in employment by private employers and state and local public employers.

The Civil Rights Act of applies to public employment or employment involving state action prohibiting deprivation of rights secured by the federal constitution or federal laws through action under color of law.

Title VII is the principal federal statute with regard to employment discrimination prohibiting unlawful employment discrimination by public and private employers, labor organizations, training programs and employment agencies based on race or color, religion, gender, and national origin.

Title VII also prohibits retaliation against any person for opposing any practice forbidden by statute, or for making a charge, testifying, assisting, or participating in a proceeding under the statute.

Title VII also provides that race and color discrimination against every race and color is prohibited.

Popular culture songs, theater for European American audiences in the 19th century created and perpetuated negative stereotypes of African Americans.

One key symbol of racism against African Americans was the use of blackface. Directly related to this was the institution of minstrelsy.

Other stereotypes of African Americans included the fat, dark-skinned " mammy " and the irrational, hypersexual male "buck".

In recent years increasing numbers of African-American activists have asserted that rap music videos commonly utilize scantily clothed African-American performers posing as thugs or pimps.

Julian Bond said that in a segregated society, people get their impressions of other groups from what they see in videos and what they hear in music.

The protests resulted in the change of the television show name to We Got to Do Better. It is understood that representations of minorities in the media have the ability to reinforce or change stereotypes.

For example, in one study, a collection of white subjects were primed by a comedy skit either showing a stereotypical or neutral portrayal of African-American characters.

Participants were then required to read a vignette describing an incident of sexual violence, with the alleged offender either white or black, and assign a rating for perceived guilt.

For those shown the stereotypical African-American character, there was a significantly higher guilt rating for black alleged offender in the subsequent vignette, in comparison to the other conditions.

While schemas have an overt societal consequence, the strong development of them have lasting effect on recipients. Overall, it is found that strong in-group attitudes are correlated with academic and economic success.

In a study analyzing the interaction of assimilation and racial-ethnic schemas for Hispanic youth found that strong schematic identities for Hispanic youth undermined academic achievement.

Additional stereotypes attributed to minorities continue to influence societal interactions. For example, a Harvard Law Review article states that Asian-Americans are commonly viewed as submissive, as a combination of relative physical stature and Western comparisons of cultural attitudes.

Furthermore, Asian-Americans are depicted as the model minority, unfair competitors, foreigners, and indistinguishable. These stereotypes can serve to dehumanize Asian-Americans and catalyze hostility and violence.

Formal discrimination against minorities has been present throughout American history. Leland T. Throughout the history of the United States race has been used by whites — a category that has also shifted through time — for legitimizing and creating difference and social, economic and political exclusion.

Within education, a survey of black students in sixteen majority white universities found that four of five African-Americans reported some form of racial discrimination.

For example, in February , the University of Michigan enforced a new anti discrimination code following the distribution of fliers saying blacks "don't belong in classrooms, they belong hanging from trees".

Other forms of reported discrimination were refusal to sit next to black in lecture, ignored input in class settings, and informal segregation.

While the penalties are imposed, the psychological consequences of formal discrimination can still manifest. Black students, for example, reported feelings of heightened isolation and suspicion.

Furthermore, studies have shown that academic performance is stunted for black students with these feelings as a result of their campus race interactions.

Minority racism is sometimes considered controversial because of theories of power in society. Some theories of racism insist that racism can only exist in the context of social power so it can be imposed upon others.

For example, there has been ongoing violence between African American and Mexican American gangs, particularly in Southern California. This amounts to a standing authorization for Latino gang members to prove their mettle by terrorizing or even murdering any blacks sighted in a neighborhood claimed by a gang loyal to the Mexican Mafia.

Conflict has also been noted between recent immigrant groups and their established ethnic counterparts within the United States.

Rapidly-growing communities of African and Caribbean immigrants have come into conflict with American blacks. The amount of interaction and cooperation between black immigrants and American blacks is, ironically, debatable.

One can argue that racial discrimination and cooperation are not ordinarily based on skin color, but are instead based on shared or common, cultural experiences and beliefs.

In a manner that defines interpersonal discrimination in the United States, Darryl Brown of the Virginia Law Review states that while "our society has established a consensus against blatant, intentional racism in the decades since Brown v Board of Education and it has also developed a sizeable set of legal remedies to address it", our legal system "ignores the possibility that 'race' is structural or interstitial, that it can be the root of injury even when it is not traceable to a specific intention or action" [].

Unlike formal discrimination, interpersonal discrimination is often not an overt or deliberate act of racism. For example, in an incident regarding a racial remark which was made by a professor at Virginia Law, a rift was created by conflicting definitions of racism.

For the students who defended the professor's innocence, "racism was defined as an act of intentional maliciousness".

Yet for African Americans, racism was broadened to a detrimental influence on "the substantive dynamics of the classroom". As an effect, it is argued that the "daily repetition of subtle racism and subordination in the classroom can ultimately be, for African Americans, even more reductive of stress, anxiety and alienation than blatant racist acts can be.

Institutional racism is the theory that aspects of the structure, pervasive attitudes, and the established institutions in society disadvantage some racial groups, although not with an overtly discriminatory mechanism.

In his article, Peter Kaufman describes three instances in which institutional racism has contributed to current views of race.

Access to United States citizenship was restricted by race, beginning with the Naturalization Act of which excluded "non-whites" from citizenship.

By limiting the immigration of non-Northern Europeans, according to the U. Department of State Office of the Historian, the purpose of the act was "to preserve the ideal of American homogeneity".

Following the passage of the Immigration and Nationality Act of , the racist preference for white immigrants which dated back to the 18th century was ended, [] and in response to this change, white nationalism grew in the United States as the conservative movement developed in mainstream society.

Huntington argues that it developed in reaction to the perceived decline in the essence of America's identity, an identity which was believed to be European, Anglo-Saxon Protestant and English-speaking.

In conjunction with immigration reform in the late s the Immigration Reform and Control Act of , IRCA-related instances of discriminatory behavior towards Hispanics with regard to employment have been documented within the United States.

Because the measure made it unlawful to hire immigrants to work in the United States without authorization, avoidant treatment of "foreign-appearing workers" increased when employers avoided the risk of sanctions by bypassing the required record-keeping process.

Hitler and other Nazis praised America's system of institutional racism and believed that it was the model which should be followed in their Reich.

In particular, they believed that it was the model for the expansion of German territory into the territories of other nations and the elimination of their indigenous inhabitants, as well as the model for the implementation of racist immigration laws which banned some races, and laws which denied full citizenship to blacks, which they also wanted to implement against Jews.

Hitler's book Mein Kampf extolled America as the only contemporary example of a country with racist "völkisch" citizenship statutes in the s, and Nazi lawyers made use of American models when they crafted their own laws in Nazi Germany.

A meta-analysis of racial discrimination in product markets found extensive evidence of minority applicants being quoted higher prices for products.

A study in the Journal of Economic Growth found that anti-black violence and terrorism, as well as segregation laws , reduced the economic activity and innovation of African Americans.

African-Americans have historically faced discrimination in terms of getting access to credit. Research suggests that police practices, such as racial profiling , over-policing in areas populated by minorities and in-group bias may result in disproportionately high numbers of racial minorities among crime suspects.

A study in the American Journal of Public Health found that black and Hispanic men were far more likely to be killed by police than white men.

Fryer, Jr. In criminal sentencing, medium to dark-skinned African Americans are likely to receive sentences 2. When a white victim is involved, those with more "black" features are likely to receive a much more severe punishment.

According to a ProPublica analysis, "whites are nearly four times as likely as minorities to win a pardon, even when the type of crime and severity of sentence are taken into account.

A report by the American Civil Liberties Union found that blacks were "3. A study on the application of the death penalty in Connecticut over the period — found "that minority defendants who kill white victims are capitally charged at substantially higher rates than minority defendants who kill minorities There is also strong and statistically significant evidence that minority defendants who kill whites are more likely to end up with capital sentences than comparable cases with white defendants.

A analysis by the New York Times "of tens of thousands of disciplinary cases against inmates in , hundreds of pages of internal reports and three years of parole decisions found that racial disparities were embedded in the prison experience in New York.

A report by the Sarasota Herald-Tribune found that Florida judges sentence black defendants to far longer prison sentences than whites with the same background.

A report by the Marshall Project found that killings of black men by whites were far more likely to be deemed "justifiable" than killings by any other combination of races.

A report by the United States Sentencing Commission USSC found, "after controlling for a wide variety of sentencing factors" such as age, education, citizenship, weapon possession and prior criminal history , that "black male offenders received sentences on average A study in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that tall young black men are especially likely to receive unjustified attention by law enforcement.

A study in the American Economic Journal: Applied Economics found that judges gave longer sentences, in particular to black defendants, after their favorite team lost a home game.

Analysis of more than 20 million traffic stops in North Carolina showed that blacks were more than twice as likely as whites to be pulled over by police for traffic stops, and that blacks were more likely to be searched following the stop.

There were no significant difference in the likelihood that Hispanics would be pulled over, but Hispanics were much more likely to be searched following a traffic stop than whites.

When the study controlled for searches in high-crime areas, it still found that police disproportionately targeted black individuals.

These racial disparities were particularly pronounced for young men. The study found that whites who were searched were more likely to carry contraband than blacks and Hispanics.

A study in the Journal of Empirical Legal Studies found that law enforcement officers in Texas who could charge shoplifters with two types of crimes one more serious, one less so due to a vaguely worded statute were more likely to charge blacks and Hispanics with the more serious crime.

A study, which made use of a dataset of the racial makeup of every U. A audit study found that lawyers are less likely to take on clients with black-sounding names than white-sounding names.

A study by the National Institute of Standards and Technology found that facial-recognition systems were substantially more likely to misidentify the faces of racial minorities.

In , Brown vs. Currently in the United States, not all state funded schools are equally funded. Schools are funded by the "federal, state, and local governments" while "states play a large and increasing role in education funding.

Department of Education reports that "many high-poverty schools receive less than their fair share of state and local funding, leaving students in high-poverty schools with fewer resources than schools attended by their wealthier peers.

A study using correspondence tests "found that when considering requests from prospective students seeking mentoring in the future, faculty were significantly more responsive to White males than to all other categories of students, collectively, particularly in higher-paying disciplines and private institutions.

A study in the journal PNAS found that blacks and Hispanics were systemically underrepresented in education-programs for gifted children where teachers and parents referred students to those programs; when a universal screening program based on IQ was used to refer students, the disparity was reduced significantly.

The phrase "brown paper bag test," also known as a paper bag party , along with the "ruler test" refers to a ritual once practiced by certain African-American sororities and fraternities who would not let anyone into the group whose skin tone was darker than a paper bag.

A study used spectrophotometer readings to quantify skin color of respondents. White women experience discrimination in education, with those having darker skin graduating from college at lower rates than those with lighter skin.

This precise and repeatable test of skin color revealed that white women experience skin color discrimination in education at levels consistent with African-Americans.

White men are not affected in this way. A study found that doctors treat black and white patients differently, even when their medical files were statistically identical.

A ProPublica analysis found that African Americans and Native Americans were underrepresented in clinical trials for new drugs.

African-Americans were even underrepresented in trials involving drugs intended for diseases that disproportionately affect African-Americans.

As a result, African-Americans who had exhausted all other treatments have weaker access to experimental treatments. Studies have argued that there are racial disparities in how media and politicians act when faced with drug addiction where the victims are primarily black rather than white, citing the examples of how society responded differently to the crack epidemic than the opioid epidemic.

There are major racial differences in access to health care as well as major racial differences in the quality of the health care which is provided to people.

A study published in the American Journal of Public Health estimated that: "over , deaths could have been prevented from to if African Americans had received the same quality of care as whites".

The key differences which they cited were lack of insurance, inadequate insurance , poor service, and reluctance to seek care. Inequalities in health care may also reflect a systemic bias in the way medical procedures and treatments are prescribed to members of different ethnic groups.

A University of Edinburgh Professor of Public Health, Raj Bhopal, writes that the history of racism in science and medicine shows that people and institutions behave according to the ethos of their times and he warns of dangers that need to be avoided in the future.

She writes that racism underlies unexplained inequities in health care, including treatments for heart disease , [] renal failure , [] bladder cancer , [] and pneumonia.

In , Vermont organizers took a proactive stand against racism in their communities to defeat the biopolitical struggles faced on a daily basis.

The first and only universal health care law was passed in the state. Two local governments in the US have issued declarations stating that racism constitutes a public health emergency : the Milwaukee County, Wisconsin executive in May , and the Cleveland City Council , in June A meta-analysis found extensive evidence of racial discrimination in the American housing market.

Moreover, agents' marketing efforts increase with asking price for white, but not for black, customers; blacks are more likely than whites to see houses in suburban, integrated areas steering ; and the houses agents show are more likely to deviate from the initial request when the customer is black than when the customer is white.

These three findings are consistent with the possibility that agents act upon the belief that some types of transactions are relatively unlikely for black customers statistical discrimination.

A report by the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development where the department sent African-Americans and whites to look at apartments found that African-Americans were shown fewer apartments to rent and houses for sale.

A paper by Troesken and Walsh found that preth century cities "created and sustained residential segregation through private norms and vigilante activity.

A study by Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago economists found that the practice of redlining —the practice whereby banks discriminated against the inhabitants of certain neighborhoods—had a persistent adverse impact on the neighborhoods, with redlining affecting homeownership rates, home values and credit scores in A study in the American Sociological Review found that housing market professionals real estate agents, housing developers, mortgage appraisers and home value appraisers held derogatory racial views about black and Latino individuals and neighborhoods whereas white individuals and neighborhoods were beneficiaries of widely shared, positive racial beliefs.

A experimental study by University of Illinois and Duke University economists found that real estate agents and housing providers systematically recommended homes in neighborhoods with higher poverty rates, greater pollution, higher crime rates, fewer college educated families, and fewer skilled workers to minority individuals who had all the same characteristics as white individuals except ethnic differences.

A study in the American Political Science Review found that white voters in areas which experienced massive African-American population growth between and were more likely to vote for California Proposition 14 which sought to enshrine legal protections for landlords and property owners who discriminated against "colored" buyers and renters.

A study in the Journal of Politics found extensive evidence of discrimination against blacks and Hispanics in the New York City rental market.

In neighborhoods with the smallest fraction white, the premium is about 0. In neighborhoods with the largest fraction white, it is about 2.

Several meta-analyses find extensive evidence of ethnic and racial discrimination in hiring in the American labor market.

Research suggests that light-skinned African American women have higher salaries and greater job satisfaction than dark-skinned women.

In Etienne v. A experimental study found that there was a bias against blacks, Latinos and women in hirings of postdocs in the fields of biology and physics.

A study found that black service providers receive lower tips than white service providers. A report by Travis L. Dixon of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign found that major media outlets tended to portray black families as dysfunctional and dependent while white families were portrayed as stable.

These portrayals may give the impression that poverty and welfare are primarily black issues. According to Dixon, this can reduce public support for social safety programs and lead to stricter welfare requirements.

African Americans possessing lighter skin complexion and "European features," such as lighter eyes, and smaller noses and lips have more opportunities in the media industry.

For example, film producers hire lighter-skinned African Americans more often, television producers choose lighter-skinned cast members, and magazine editors choose African American models that resemble European features.

When African Americans did appear in advertisements they were mainly portrayed as athletes, entertainers or unskilled laborers. In addition, seventy percent of the advertisements that features animal print included African American women.

Animal print reinforces the stereotypes that African Americans are animalistic in nature, sexually active, less educated, have lower income, and extremely concerned with personal appearances.

Since dark-skinned males are more likely to be linked to crime and misconduct, many people develop preconceived notions about the characteristics of black men.

Colorism was and still is very much evident in the media. An example of this is shown in the minstrel shows that were popular during and after slavery.

Minstrel shows were a very popular form of theater that involved white and black people in black face portraying black people while doing demeaning things.

The actors painted their faces with black paint to and over lined their lips with bright red lipstick to exaggerate and make fun of black people.

These roles included being servants, slaves, idiots, and criminals. This is seen in the "mammy" role that black women often played.

The highlights of this role included black women being the loyal servant to the master and taking care of and loving his kids more than her own.

Even though black people were allowed to be on TV, they still couldn't be too black. They had to pass the color tests and if they were dark, they were usually playing a humiliating role.

That trend is something that follows into present day especially for women. Darker women are rarely the protagonist that isn't troubled by drugs, or caught up in the legal system.

A study found that white state legislators of both political parties were less likely to respond to constituents with African-American names.

Black legislators thus appear substantially more intrinsically motivated to advance blacks' interests.

Some research suggests that white voters' voting behavior is motivated by racial threat. A study, for instance, found that white Chicago voters' turnout decreased when public housing was reconstructed and 25, African Americans displaced.

This suggest that white voters' turnout decreased due to not living in proximity to African-Americans. Voter ID laws have brought on accusations of racial discrimination.

In a review by the Government Accountability Office of the academic literature, three studies out of five found that voter ID laws reduced minority turnout whereas two studies found no significant impact.

A experimental study found that election officials queried about voter ID laws are more likely to respond to emails from a non-Latino white name A study in the city of Boston found that black and Hispanic voters were more likely to be asked for ID during the election.

Precinct differences also confound the data as black and Hispanic voters tended to vote at black and Hispanic-majority precincts.

Research by University of Oxford economist Evan Soltas and Stanford political scientist David Broockman suggests that voters act upon racially discriminatory tastes.

But they are less likely to extend black candidates the same courtesy In fact, black male candidates who make ambiguous statements are actually punished for doing so by racially prejudiced voters.

A study found evidence of racial-motivated reasoning as voters assessed President Barack Obama 's economic performance.

The study found that "Whites attributed more responsibility to Obama under negative economic conditions i.

Whites attributed equal responsibility to the President and governors for negative economic conditions, but gave more responsibility to governors than Obama for positive conditions.

Whites also gave governors more responsibility for state improvements than they gave Obama for national ones. A study examining "all 24 African American challengers non-incumbents from to to white challengers from the same party running in the same state for the same office around the same time" found "that white challengers are about three times more likely to win and receive about 13 percentage points more support among white voters.

These estimates hold when controlling for a number of potential confounding factors and when employing several statistical matching estimators.

A study found that whites are less supportive of welfare when they are told that blacks are the majority of recipients as opposed to whites.

An analysis by MIT political scientist Regina Bateson found that Americans engage in strategic discrimination against racial minority candidates out of a belief that they are less electable than white male candidates: "In the abstract, Americans consider white men more "electable" than equally qualified black and female candidates.

Additionally, concerns about winning the votes of white men can cause voters to rate black and female Democratic candidates as less capable of beating Donald Trump in A paper found, using smartphone data, that voters in predominantly black neighborhoods waited far longer at polling places than voters in white neighborhoods.

It is argued that the racial coding of concepts like crime and welfare has been used to strategically influence public political views.

Racial coding is implicit; it incorporates racially primed language or imagery in order to allude to racial attitudes and thinking.

For example, in the context of domestic policy, it is argued that Ronald Reagan implied that linkages existed between concepts like "special interests" and " big government " and ill-perceived minority groups in the s, using the conditioned negativity which existed toward the minority groups in order to discredit certain policies and programs during campaigns.

In a study which analyzes how Spolitical ads prime attitudes, Valentino compares the voting responses of participants after they are exposed to the narration of a George W.

Bush advertisement which is paired with three different types of visuals which contain different embedded racial cues in order to create three conditions: neutral, race comparison, and undeserving blacks.

For example, as the narrator states "Democrats want to spend your tax dollars on wasteful government programs", the video shows an image of a black woman and her child in an office setting.

Valentino found that the undeserving blacks condition produced the largest primed effect in racialized policies, like opposition to affirmative action and welfare spending.

A study found evidence that nonblack voters in Heisman Trophy voting were biased against nonblack players.

Large racial differentials in wealth remain in the United States: between whites and African Americans, the gap is a factor of twenty.

Pre-existing disparities in wealth are exacerbated by tax policies that reward investment over waged income, subsidize mortgages, and subsidize private sector developers.

In the United States, most crimes in which victims are targeted on the basis of their race or ethnicity are considered hate crimes.

For federal law purposes, crimes in which Hispanics are targeted because of their identity are considered hate crimes based on ethnicity.

Leading forms of bias which are cited in the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting UCR Program, based on law enforcement agency filings include: anti-black, anti-Jewish, anti-white, anti-homosexual , and anti-Hispanic bias in that order in both and The New Century Foundation , a white nationalist organization founded by Jared Taylor , argues that blacks are more likely to commit hate crimes than whites, and it also argues that FBI figures inflate the number of hate crimes committed by whites by counting Hispanics as "white".

Existing research on crime has generally shown that racial or ethnic identity is not predictive of criminal behavior with data which has been controlled for social and economic factors.

The first post-Jim Crow era hate crime to make sensational media attention was the murder of Vincent Chin , an Asian American of Chinese descent in He was attacked by two white assailants who were recently laid off from a Detroit area auto factory job and blamed the Japanese for their individual unemployment.

Chin was not of Japanese descent, but the assailants testified in the criminal court case that he "looked like a Jap ", an ethnic slur that is used to describe Japanese and other Asians, and they were angry enough to beat him to death.

Continuing antisemitism in the United States has remained an issue and the Survey of American Attitudes Toward Jews in America , released by the Anti-Defamation League ADL , has found that the recent world economic recession increased the expression of some antisemitic viewpoints among Americans.

Reflecting on the lingering antisemitism of about one in five Americans, Abraham H. Foxman , the ADL's national director, has argued, "It is disturbing that with all of the strides we have made in becoming a more tolerant society, anti-Semitic beliefs continue to hold a vice-grip on a small but not insubstantial segment of the American public.

An ABC News report in recounted that past ABC polls across several years have tended to find that "six percent have self-reported harboring prejudice against Jews, 27 percent have self-reported harboring prejudice against Muslims, 25 percent have self-reported harboring prejudice against Arabs," and "one in 10 have conceded harboring at least a little bit of prejudice " against Hispanic Americans.

In the same poll, more whites applied positive attributes to black Americans than negative ones, with blacks describing whites even more highly, but a significant minority of whites still called African Americans "irresponsible", "lazy", or other such things.

In , citizens gathered in the college community of Charlottesville , Virginia to attend the Unite the Right rally.

One woman was killed and dozens of other people were injured when a white supremacist drove his car into a group of counter-protesters.

They included requiring temperature checks for anyone in a nursing home, symptom screenings, and requiring all nursing home personnel to wear face masks.

Trump also said that COVID patients should have their own buildings or units, and dedicated staffing teams.

According to the Global Health Security Index , an American-British assessment which ranks the health security capabilities in countries, the U.

The United States along with more than other countries have been subjected to pandemics and epidemics throughout their history, including the Spanish flu , the Asian flu , and the Hong Kong flu pandemics.

The United States Intelligence Community , in its annual Worldwide Threat Assessment report of and , said if a related coronavirus were "to acquire efficient human-to-human transmissibility", it would have "pandemic potential".

The Worldwide Threat Assessment also said new types of microbes that are "easily transmissible between humans" remain "a major threat".

In January , the U. New York City, for instance, took preparatory steps more than a decade ago, but then discontinued them in favor of other priorities.

A number of organizations in the U. Since it has tried to produce a platform approach for dealing with emerging epidemic diseases which would enable rapid vaccine development and immunity research in response to outbreaks.

Bush, the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority a division of the Department of Health and Human Services "estimated that an additional 70, [ventilators] would be required in a moderate influenza pandemic"; a contract was let and work started, but no ventilators were ever delivered.

In , outgoing Obama administration officials briefed incoming Trump administration officials on how to respond to pandemics by using simulated scenarios.

The Trump administration simulated a series of pandemic outbreaks from China in and found that the U. President Trump responded to the simulation with an executive order to increase the availability and quality of flu vaccines, and the administration later increased funding for the pandemic threats program of the Department of Health and Human Services HHS.

Despite these reports, briefings, and exercises, President Trump commented in March , "Nobody knew there would be a pandemic or epidemic of this proportion.

It's an unforeseen problem. What a problem. Came out of nowhere. In May , National Security Advisor John Bolton reorganized the executive branch's United States National Security Council NSC , largely merging the group responsible for global health security and biodefense —established by the Obama administration following the ebola epidemic —into a bigger group responsible for counter-proliferation and biodefense.

Along with the reorganization, the leader of the global health security and biodefense group, Rear Admiral Timothy Ziemer , left to join another federal agency, while Tim Morrison became the leader of the combined group.

After the coronavirus outbreak, reporters repeatedly asked Trump about this reorganization, and Trump provided conflicting responses. On March 6, when asked at a press briefing if he would "rethink" the choice not to have a pandemic preparation office, Trump implied that the reorganization had been a reasonable choice at the time because "you can never really think [a pandemic] is going to happen Disbanding, no, I don't know anything about it It's the administration, perhaps they do that, let people go Bossert had helped to create the Trump administration's biodefense plans, and it was his responsibility to coordinate the government's response in the event of a biological crisis.

Brown , took over the biodefense responsibilities of the DHS. Bloomberg News reported in January that biodefense was by then a "less prominent" part of the Homeland Security Advisor's responsibilities.

The Washington Post reported in March that the White House would not confirm the identity of Borio's replacement. Reuters reported in March that the Trump administration had in the years before the coronavirus outbreak drastically reduced the number of staff working in the Beijing office of the U.

CDC from 47 to According to Reuters, one of the staff eliminated in July was training Chinese field epidemiologists to respond to disease outbreaks at their hotbeds.

CDC acknowledged that the report was true. Department of Agriculture ; Reuters reported that the position oversaw an animal disease monitoring program.

The Trump Administration also ended funding for the PREDICT pandemic early-warning program in China, which trained and supported staff in 60 foreign laboratories, with field work ceasing September Though federal reports had called for such a project since , the ARA contract wasn't signed until , and missed its month completion deadline, resulting in the pandemic reaching the United States before the design was ready.

Previous respiratory epidemics and government planning indicated a need for a stockpile of ventilators that were easier for less-trained medical personnel to use.

The government ordered 10, ventilators in September , with a mid deadline for the first deliveries and a deadline of to complete all 10, Despite the start of the epidemic in December, the capacity of the company to have produced enough to fill the full order, and the ability of the government to force faster production, the government did not reach an agreement with Philips for accelerated delivery until March 10, Compared to the small amount of money spent on recommended supplies for a pandemic, billions of dollars had been spent by the Strategic National Stockpile to create and store a vaccine for anthrax , and enough smallpox inoculations for the entire country.

In , the NSC laid out pandemic strategies and recommendations including, moving swiftly to fully detect potential outbreaks, securing supplemental funding, considering invoking the Defense Production Act , and ensuring sufficient protective equipment available for healthcare workers.

The Trump administration was briefed on it in , but declined to make it official policy. At that time, a number of U. Boeing announced a donation of , medical masks to help address China's supply shortages, [] while the United Church of Christ UCC and American Baptist Churches USA joined an ecumenical effort of American churches to provide much-needed medical supplies to China.

The U. State Department also took steps to help China. Deputy Secretary of State Steve Biegun offered America's "deepest compassion" to the Chinese as the State Department organized a "robust effort to help the Chinese people get their arms around this outbreak".

Beyond identifying whether a person is currently infected, coronavirus testing helps health professionals ascertain how bad the epidemic is and where it is worst.

While the WHO opted to use an approach developed by Germany to test for coronavirus, the United States developed its own testing approach.

The German testing method was made public on January 13, and the American testing method was made public on January The WHO did not offer any test kits to the U.

CDC produced , coronavirus tests, but soon it was discovered that many were defective and gave inaccurate readings. The initial criteria were a people who had recently traveled to certain countries affected by the outbreak, or b people with respiratory illness serious enough to require hospitalization, or c people who have been in contact with a person confirmed to have coronavirus.

The United States had a slow start in widespread coronavirus testing. They quickly found a teenager infected with coronavirus of unknown origin, newly indicating that an outbreak had already been occurring in Washington for the past six weeks.

State regulators stopped these researchers' testing on March 2, although the testing later resumed through the creation of the Seattle Coronavirus Assessment Network.

On March 5, Vice President Mike Pence , the leader of the coronavirus response team, acknowledged that "we don't have enough tests" to meet the predicted future demand; this announcement came only three days after FDA commissioner Stephen Hahn committed to producing nearly a million tests by that week.

S had tested fewer than 10, people. By mid-March, the U. By March 12, all 50 states were able to perform tests, with a doctor's approval, either from the CDC or local commercial lab.

These measures included the appointment of Admiral Brett Giroir of the U. Public Health Service to oversee testing, funding for two companies developing rapid tests, and a hotline to help labs find needed supplies.

On March 13, drive-through testing in the U. A lack of supplies had already forced the closure of drive-through testing in seven states.

In a March 13 press conference, the Trump administration announced a campaign to conduct tests in retail store parking lots across the country, [] but this was not widely implemented.

By March 30, more than a million people had been tested, [29] but not all the people showing symptoms were being tested. During the weeks of April 6 and 13, the U.

Building up both testing and surveillance capacity are important to re-opening the economy; the purpose of social distancing is to buy time for such capacity-building.

The capacity has been hampered by shortages of reagents, shortages of test kits components like nasal swabs, shortages of protective gear for health workers, limited laboratory workers and equipment, and the federal government's limited interventions to solve shortages, instead leaving the issue to the free market, causing states and hospitals to compete with each other for supplies.

By early May, the U. By June 26, , Dr. Anthony Fauci was publicizing pooled testing as a way to speed up testing by a factor of 10 —from 0.

They will remain under state and local control. Brett Giroir , the Assistant Secretary for Health , described the original community-based testing program as having become "antiquated.

There is currently no drug approved for treating COVID either as a therapy or a vaccine, nor is there any clear evidence COVID infection leads to immunity although experts assume it does for some period.

The antibody neutralizes the coronavirus infection from a person's body. The laboratory called it a "significant breakthrough", which would be patented and then mass-produced.

In April , the CDC began testing blood samples to determine if a person has been exposed to the virus, even without showing symptoms, which could provide information about immunity.

Scott Gottlieb and Mark McClellan have called for the FDA to develop therapeutics and vaccines that would be exempt from some regulatory requirements.

A small test in France had apparently given good results [] and they were being tested in a European Union-wide clinical trial.

While there is evidence that the drug has been effective in preventing or treating coronavirus infections, Australian experts advised before June 4, against its use outside of a clinical trial.

There is no vaccine for coronavirus as of July , however, research is ongoing in a number of countries to create one.

Researchers would then have a large enough sampling to see if the vaccine works. If successful, the next massive challenge would be making enough vaccines.

By March 18, tests had begun with dozens of volunteers in Seattle, Washington, which was sponsored by the U.

Similar safety trials of other coronavirus vaccines will begin soon in the U. An unclassified Army briefing document, prepared February 3, on the coronavirus projected that "between 80, and , could die".

The estimates also correctly said asymptomatic people could "easily" transmit the virus, that military forces could be tasked with providing logistics and medical support to civilians, including "provid[ing] PPE N Face Mask, Eye Protection, and Gloves to evacuees, staff, and DoD personnel".

The officials, including HHS secretary Alex Azar, "didn't need emergency funding, that they would be able to handle it within existing appropriations," Senator Chris Murphy recalled.

Customs and Border Protection showed a steady flow of the medical equipment needed to treat the coronavirus being shipped abroad as recently as March Some states had immediate needs for ventilators; hospitals in New York City, for example, ran out.

Rick Bright , a federal immunologist and whistleblower testified in May that the federal government did not take proper action to acquire the needed supplies.

Medical organizations, such as the American Medical Association and American Nurses Association implored Trump to obtain medical supplies, because they were "urgently needed".

During this period, hospitals in the U. Department of Health and Human Services released a report regarding their March 23—27 survey of hospitals.

The hospitals also reported "widespread shortages of PPE" and "changing and sometimes inconsistent guidance from federal, state and local authorities".

Later he called the report "Another Fake Dossier! In early April, there was a widespread shortage of PPE, including masks, gloves, gowns, and sanitizing products.

By March 26, the United States, with the world's third largest population, surpassed China and Italy as the country with the highest number of confirmed cases in the world.

Comparatively, Spain's mortality rate was Deborah Birx pointed out the nation's low mortality rate during a White House coronavirus briefing.

Most nursing homes did not have easy access to testing, making the actual number unknown. In counting actual confirmed cases, some have questioned the reliability of totals reported by different countries.

Measuring rates reported by countries such as China or Iran have been questioned as potentially inaccurate.

After a group of epidemiologists requested revisions in how the CDC counts cases and deaths, the CDC in mid-April updated its guidance for counting COVID cases and deaths to include both confirmed and probable ones, although each state can still determine what to report.

According to an excess mortality analysis of seven of the worst-affected states, there are an additional 9, deaths than expected from prior years which are not explained by official reported coronavirus mortality statistics.

Excess mortality is higher than these figures because some death certificates have yet to be processed and reported. Trump administration officials were briefed to the coronavirus outbreak in China on January 3, On January 27, then-acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney convened a meeting with White House aides to draw greater attention to the virus among senior officials.

FEMA was put in charge of procuring medical supplies on March The officials said that the CDC was not trusted by the White House and had "been muzzled", with their post-March recommendations "watered down".

In previous administrations, they were treated as "scientists", but for the Trump administration, "if the science that we are offering up contradicts a specific policy goal, then we are the problem.

In early May, President Trump proposed that the coronavirus task force should be phased out, to accommodate another group centered on reopening the economy.

Amid a backlash, Trump publicly stated that the coronavirus task force would continue on "indefinitely". On January 31, three major U.

The immediate family members of U. This was the first quarantine order the U. After the restrictions began, almost 40, people arrived in the U.

Following the China-related restrictions, the Trump administration imposed other restrictions from weeks later:.

The WHO on January 30 warned that "all countries should be prepared for containment, including active surveillance, early detection, isolation and case management, contact tracing and prevention of onward spread" of the virus.

Six cities believed to be high-risk were selected for early "sentinel surveillance" to try to detect the virus in patients who did not meet CDC guidelines for testing; those cities were Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and Honolulu.

Very few tests were successfully completed within a five-week window. Once testing showed the disease was spreading among those without travel-related risk factors, public officials in California began to issue "stay at home" orders; it would be at least a week before similar orders were issued in other parts of the country.

At a White House press briefing on April 1, Dr. Anthony S. Fauci said that, even though he expected social distancing rules can eventually be relaxed even before the availability of a vaccine, a vaccine will still be necessary to end the pandemic.

As part of the early efforts to contain and mitigate the pandemic within the United States, Surgeon General Jerome Adams announced in early March that local leaders would soon have to consider whether to cancel large gatherings, consider telework policies, and close schools.

On March 16, Trump announced "15 Days to Slow the Spread"—a series of guidelines based on CDC recommendations on topics such as physical distancing, self-isolation, and protecting those at high risk.

The government also recommended closing schools and avoiding gatherings of more than ten people. One month later, epidemiologists Britta Jewell and Nicholas Jewell estimated that, had social distancing policies been implemented just two weeks earlier, U.

By March 21, governors in New York, California and other large states had ordered most businesses to close and for people to stay inside, with limited exceptions.

The order in New York, for instance, exempts financial institutions, some retailers, pharmacies, hospitals, manufacturing plants and transportation companies, among others.

It placed a ban on non-essential gatherings of any size and for any reason. On March 28, the president said he had decided not to enact a tri-state lockdown of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, after having publicly suggested earlier in the day he was considering such a move; instead he ordered the CDC to issue a travel advisory suggesting voluntary travel limitations in these states.

Buildings normally used for sports and entertainment were transformed into field hospitals. On March 31, Birx reiterated the projection of 1.

The CDC issued a similar recommendation on April 3. Health officials have generally advised against the use of medical-grade PPE such as surgical masks and respirators by the general public, as they should be saved for healthcare personnel due to shortages.

In early May, the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington predicted that the American death toll would reach , by early August.

It provides paid emergency leave and food assistance be provided to affected employees, along with free testing. The expert witnesses were Dr.

Stephen Hahn of the FDA. On March 13, , Democratic House Representatives Ro Khanna and Tim Ryan introduced legislation to provide payments to low-income citizens during the crisis via an earned income tax credit.

President Trump has floated using the low interest rates to invest in infrastructure , including roads, bridges, and tunnels but specifically excluding the initiatives of the Democratic Party 's Green New Deal.

Existing aid to states was restricted to specific programs, mostly direct costs related to the pandemic, which faced delays being disbursed, [] and some of which may need to be returned due to restrictions on how it could be spent.

On May 5, New York representative Carolyn Maloney introduced a bill in the House which would cancel the student loan debt of healthcare workers.

On May 29, Mitch McConnell said that a fourth and final relief bill would be decided on in about a month. He cited relief for the unemployed and "kids, jobs and healthcare" as focal points.

On March 3, , the Federal Reserve lowered target interest rates from 1. On March 11, during his Oval Office address, Trump announced that he had requested a number of other policy changes:.

On March 15, the Federal Reserve cut their target interest rate again to a range of 0. It encouraged the same for non-federal loans, and included a pass-through provision for landlords to grant forbearance to renters who lost income.

On March 20, Trump announced that the Department of Education would not be enforcing standardized testing for Trump had also instructed to waive all federally held student loans for the next 60 days, which could be extended if needed.

On March 22, Trump announced that he had directed FEMA to build four large medical stations with 1, beds for New York, eight large medical stations with 2, beds for California, and three large medical stations and four small medical stations with 1, beds for the State of Washington.

On March 23, the Federal Reserve announced large-scale expansion of quantitative easing , with no specific upper limit, and reactivation of the Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility.

This injects newly created money into a variety of financial markets including corporate bonds , exchange-traded funds , small business loans , mortgage-backed securities , student loans, auto loans , and credit card loans.

The Fed also lowered its repurchase agreement interest rate from 0. In January , President Trump disregarded warnings from his administration's officials about the threat the virus posed to the United States in favor of the country's economic considerations.

On March 11, , Trump gave an oval office address where he announced an imminent travel ban between Europe and the United States.

The announcement caused chaos in European and American airports, as Americans abroad scrambled to get flights back to the United States.

The administration later had to clarify that the travel ban applied to foreigners coming from the Schengen Area , and later added Ireland and the UK to the list.

Trump declared that insurance companies "have agreed to waive all co-payments for coronavirus treatments" After the speech, the America's Health Insurance Plans association clarified the waivers were only for tests, not for treatments.

Starting March 16, Trump began to hold daily press briefings on the coronavirus situation, lasting from an hour to more than two hours and usually broadcast live by the television networks.

These recommendations included physical distancing and hygienic instructions, as well as directions to the states in dealing with school closures, nursing homes, and common public venues.

United States portal. This reality is a direct legacy of the past, in particular, it is a direct legacy of slavery, segregation and the forcible resettlement of Native Americans, which was confronted by the United States during the civil rights movement.

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Further, these individuals were often either totally unemployable or only marginally employed, as it was sensed by those around them that on the one hand, they had not successfully assimilated into 'white society', nor were they any longer acceptable to the Indian societies from which they had originated.

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Sekretarz obrony. Biuro sekretarza obrony. Sekretarz marynarki. Sekretariat marynarki. Szef Operacji Morskich. Biuro szefa operacji.

Szef Szkolenia. Senate committee hearing to denounce the federal immigration service, which he said the U.

Immigration and Naturalization Service purportedly refused to arrest illegal Mexican immigrants who Chavez claims are being used to break the union's strike.

Presidential election to a marked reduction over the preceding decades in the percentage of whites in the American electorate, attributing this demographic change to the Immigration Act of Immigrants differ on their political views; however, the Democratic Party is considered to be in a far stronger position among immigrants overall.

Hispanic evangelicals, for example, are more strongly conservative than non-Hispanic evangelicals. The key interests groups that lobby on immigration are religious, ethnic and business groups, together with some liberals and some conservative public policy organizations.

Both the pro- and anti- groups affect policy. Studies have suggested that some special interest group lobby for less immigration for their own group and more immigration for other groups since they see effects of immigration, such as increased labor competition, as detrimental when affecting their own group but beneficial when affecting other groups.

A paper found that both pro- and anti-immigration special interest groups play a role in migration policy. After the election, Gary Segura of Latino Decisions stated that Hispanic voters influenced the outcome and "may have saved the Senate for Democrats".

They may also lobby for special arrangements for their own group. The Chairman for the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform has stated that "the Irish Lobby will push for any special arrangement it can get—'as will every other ethnic group in the country.

The book Ethnic Lobbies and US Foreign Policy states that several ethnic special interest groups are involved in pro-immigration lobbying.

Ethnic lobbies also influence foreign policy. The authors write that "Increasingly, ethnic tensions surface in electoral races, with House, Senate, and gubernatorial contests serving as proxy battlegrounds for antagonistic ethnoracial groups and communities.

In addition, ethnic politics affect party politics as well, as groups compete for relative political power within a party".

However, the authors argue that currently ethnic interest groups, in general, do not have too much power in foreign policy and can balance other special interest groups.

In a news story, Reuters reported, "Strong support from Hispanics, the fastest-growing demographic in the United States, helped tip President Barack Obama's fortunes as he secured a second term in the White House , according to Election Day polling.

Lately, there is talk among several Republican leaders, such as governors Bobby Jindal and Susana Martinez , of taking a new, friendlier approach to immigration.

Bernie Sanders opposes guest worker programs [] and is also skeptical about skilled immigrant H-1B visas, saying, "Last year, the top 10 employers of H-1B guest workers were all offshore outsourcing companies.

These firms are responsible for shipping large numbers of American information technology jobs to India and other countries.

What right-wing people in this country would love is an open-border policy. I don't believe in that. I think we have to raise wages in this country, I think we have to do everything we can to create millions of jobs.

April , Trump calls for National Guard at the border to secure the ongoing attempts at a border wall along the United States-Mexico border.

Mattis has signed an order to send up to 4, National Guard troops to the U. The caravan of migrants from Central America have reached the United States to seek asylum.

The last of the caravan have arrived and are processing as of May 4, Sessions has stated, "The system is being gamed, there's no doubt about it".

A study found no evidence that immigration was associated with adverse health impacts for native-born Americans. On average, per capita health care spending is lower for immigrants than it is for native-born Americans.

Migration may worsen IPV rates and outcomes. Migration itself may not cause IPV, but it may make it more difficult for women to get help.

According to Kim et al. Immigration from areas of high incidences of disease is thought to have fueled the resurgence of tuberculosis TB , chagas , and hepatitis in areas of low incidence.

The executive branch is expected to administratively remove HIV from the list of infectious diseases barring immigration, but immigrants generally would need to show that they would not be a burden on public welfare.

There is no empirical evidence that either legal or illegal immigration increases crime in the United States.

Some research even suggests that increases in immigration may partly explain the reduction in the U. A study found that undocumented immigration to the United States did not increase violent crime.

According to one study, sanctuary cities —which adopt policies designed to not prosecute people solely for being an illegal immigrant—have no statistically meaningful effect on crime.

One of the first political analyses in the U. One study finds that "major government commissions on immigration and crime in the early twentieth century relied on evidence that suffered from aggregation bias and the absence of accurate population data, which led them to present partial and sometimes misleading views of the immigrant-native criminality comparison.

With improved data and methods, we find that in , prison commitment rates for more serious crimes were quite similar by nativity for all ages except ages 18 and 19, for which the commitment rate for immigrants was higher than for the native-born.

By , immigrants were less likely than natives to be committed to prisons at all ages 20 and older, but this advantage disappears when one looks at commitments for violent offenses.

For the early twentieth century, one study found that immigrants had "quite similar" imprisonment rates for major crimes as natives in but lower for major crimes except violent offenses; the rate was similar in Research suggests that police practices, such as racial profiling , over-policing in areas populated by minorities and in-group bias may result in disproportionately high numbers of immigrants among crime suspects.

Crimmigration has emerged as a field in which critical immigration scholars conceptualize the current immigration law enforcement system.

Crimmigration is broadly defined as the convergence of the criminal justice system and immigration enforcement, [] where immigration law enforcement has adopted the "criminal" law enforcement approach.

This frames undocumented immigrants as "criminal" deviants and security risks. For example, states are implementing a variety of immigration related criminal offenses that are punishable by imprisonment.

California, Oregon, and Wyoming criminalize the use of fraudulent immigration or citizenship documents.

Some scholars focus on the organization of "crimmigration" as it relates to the mass removal of certain immigrants.

However, other federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, such as sheriff's offices, municipal police departments, the Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI , and the Drug and Enforcement Agency DEA , aid in immigrant removal.

These agencies keep people locked up in jails or prison when they receive an "immigration detainer" from ICE, [] and therefore aid in interior enforcement.

Scientific laboratories and startup internet opportunities have been a powerful American magnet. On Ash Wednesday , March 5, , the presidents of 28 Catholic and Jesuit colleges and universities, joined the "Fast for Families" movement.

A study on public schools in California found that white enrollment declined in response to increases in the number of Spanish-speaking Limited English Proficient and Hispanic students.

This white flight was greater for schools with relatively larger proportions of Spanish-speaking Limited English Proficient.

A North Carolina study found that the presence of Latin American children in schools had no significant negative effects on peers, but that students with limited English skills had slight negative effects on peers.

In the United States, a significant proportion of scientists and engineers are foreign-born, as well as students in science and engineering programs.

However, this is not unique to the US since foreigners make up significant amounts of scientists and engineers in other countries. Foreign student enrollment in the United Kingdom has been increasing.

Together with the U. Although the United States continues to attract the largest number and fraction of foreign students worldwide, its share of foreign students has decreased in recent years.

However, the pool of BS engineering graduates with US citizenship is much larger than the number who apply to engineering graduate schools.

The increase in non-citizen assistant professors of engineering is the result of the fact that, in recent years, foreign-born engineers received close to 50 percent of newly awarded engineering doctorates naturalized citizens accounted for about 4 percent and, furthermore, they entered academe in disproportionately large numbers.

In , foreign-born engineers constituted about 3. Foreign-born Phd engineers often accept postdoctoral positions because other employment is unavailable until green card is obtained.

In recent [ when? In addition, foreign-born high school students make up 50 percent of the U. Math Olympiad's top scorers, 38 percent of the U.

Physics Team, and 25 percent of the Intel Science Talent Search finalists—the United States' most prestigious awards for young scientists and mathematicians.

An additional 17 percent planned to stay on as post-doctorates, and most of these are likely to remain permanently in the United States.

In the Intel Science Talent Search, more children 18 have parents who entered the country on H-1B professional visas than parents born in the United States To place this finding in perspective, note that new H-1B visa holders each year represent less than 0.

The two most prominent groups lobbying for more restrictive immigration policies for the United States are NumbersUSA and the Federation for American Immigration Reform FAIR ; additionally, the Center for Immigration Studies think tank produces policy analysis supportive of a more restrictive stance.

The ambivalent feeling of Americans toward immigrants is shown by a positive attitude toward groups that have been visible for a century or more, and much more negative attitude toward recent arrivals.

For example, a national poll by the Roper Center at the University of Connecticut showed respondents a card listing a number of groups and asked, "Thinking both of what they have contributed to this country and have gotten from this country, for each one tell me whether you think, on balance, they've been a good or a bad thing for this country," which produced the results shown in the table.

Once again, it's the newcomers who are viewed with suspicion. This time, it's the Mexicans, the Filipinos, and the people from the Caribbean who make Americans nervous.

One of the most important factors regarding public opinion about immigration is the level of unemployment ; anti-immigrant sentiment is where unemployment is highest, and vice versa.

Surveys indicate that the U. According to a Gallup poll in July , immigration is the fourth most important problem facing the United States and seven percent of Americans said it was the most important problem facing America today.

Before , majority of Americans supported securing United States borders compared to dealing with illegal immigrants in the United States.

Donald Trump's campaign for Presidency focused on a rhetoric of reducing illegal immigration and toughening border security.

In general, Trump supporters are not united upon how to handle immigration. American opinion regarding how immigrants affect the country and how the government should respond to illegal immigration have changed over time.

In , out of all U. In February , the American Enterprise Institute released a report on recent surveys about immigration issues.

For example in Southern Texas, children were held in an old warehouse. Hundreds of children waited in cages made of metal fencing.

One of the cages had 20 children inside, looking throughout the facility bottles of water and bags of chips can be found scattered about.

Children were also forced to use large foil sheets as blankets. Many have begun to recognize the ways in which these policies are negatively impacting the children that have been separated from their families.

There has been research showing that this has had psychological impacts on these young children, many of them have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, these children are still distraught from the stressors of living their home countries and from the journey.

Due to this, when these children are separated they showed more feelings of fear, abandonment and post-traumatic stress symptoms than children who were not separated from their families.

Religious figures in the United States have put forth their views on the topic of immigration as informed by their religious traditions.

AEDPA and IIRARA exemplify many categories of criminal activity for which immigrants, including green card holders, can be deported and have imposed mandatory detention for certain types of cases.

In contrast to economic migrants, who generally do not gain legal admission, refugees, as defined by international law, can gain legal status through a process of seeking and receiving asylum , either by being designated a refugee while abroad, or by physically entering the United States and requesting asylum status thereafter.

A specified number of legally defined refugees, who either apply for asylum overseas or after arriving in the U.

This compared with about 31, in the UK and 13, in Canada. Since , more than 1. The United States expected to admit a minimum of 17, Iraqi refugees during fiscal year A common problem in the current system for asylum seekers is the lack of resources.

Asylum offices in the United States receive more applications for asylum than they can process every month and every year. These continuous applications pile onto the backlog.

In removal proceedings in front of an immigration judge , cancellation of removal is a form of relief that is available for certain long-time residents of the United States.

This form of relief is only available when a person is served with a Notice to Appear to appear in the proceedings in the court.

Members of Congress may submit private bills granting residency to specific named individuals. A special committee [ which?

The Central Intelligence Agency has the statutory authority to admit up to one hundred people a year outside of normal immigration procedures, and to provide for their settlement and support.

The illegal immigrant population of the United States is estimated to be between 11 and 12 million.

In June , President Obama issued a memorandum instructing officers of the federal government to defer deporting young undocumented immigrants who were brought to the U.

Under the program, eligible recipients who applied and were granted DACA status were granted a two-year deferral from deportation and temporary eligibility to work legally in the country.

Children of legal migrants will not qualify as Dreamers under DACA protection because they entered the country legally.

Under this program, "unauthorized immigrants who are parents of U. Texas , upheld a preliminary injunction blocking the programs from going forward.

Supreme Court , which in June deadlocked , thus affirming the ruling of the Fifth Circuit but setting no nationally binding precedent. On November 15, , the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services announced that they would be issuing a new policy memorandum called "parole in place.

Prior to this law relatives of military personnel — excluding husbands and wives — were forced to leave the United States and apply for green cards in their home countries.

The law allows for family members to avoid the possible ten-year bar from the United States and remain in the United States while applying for lawful permanent residence.

Military children born in foreign countries are considered American from birth assuming both parents were American citizens at the time of birth.

This report of birth abroad is the equivalent of a birth certificate and the child will use the report in place of a Birth Certificate for documentation.

However, children born in foreign countries to United States servicemembers before they have gained citizenship could only gain citizenship through the naturalization process.

Most immigration proceedings are civil matters , including deportation proceedings, asylum cases, employment without authorization, and visa overstay.

People who evade border enforcement such as by crossing outside any official border checkpoint , who commit fraud to gain entry, or who commit identity theft to gain employment, may face criminal charges.

People entering illegally were seldom charged with this crime until Operation Streamline in Conviction of this crime generally leads to a prison term, after which the person is deported if they are not eligible to remain in the country.

The guarantees under the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution , such as the right to counsel , and the right to a jury trial , have not been held to apply to civil immigration proceedings.

As a result, people generally represent themselves in asylum and deportation cases unless they can afford an immigration lawyer or receive assistance from a legal charity.

In contrast, the Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment has been applied to immigration proceedings. Removal proceedings are considered administrative proceedings under the authority of the United States Attorney General , acting through the Executive Office for Immigration Review , part of the Justice Department.

Immigration judges are employees of the Justice Department, and thus part of the executive branch rather than the judicial branch of government.

After various actions by Attorney General Jeff Sessions pressuring judges to speed up deportations, the National Association of Immigration Judges and The Boston Globe editorial board called for moving immigration courts to the judicial branch, to prevent abuse by strengthening separation of powers.

Whether people who are awaiting a decision on their deportation are detained or released to live in the United States in the meantime possibly paying bail is a matter of both law and discretion of the Justice Department.

The policy has varied over time and differs for those with crimes including entry outside an official checkpoint versus civil infractions.

The Supreme Court case Zadvydas v. Davis held that immigrants who cannot be deported because no country will accept them cannot be detained indefinitely.

The history of immigration to the United States is the history of the country itself, and the journey from beyond the sea is an element found in American folklore , appearing over and over again in everything from The Godfather to Gangs of New York to " The Song of Myself " to Neil Diamond 's "America" to the animated feature An American Tail.

From the s to the s, vaudeville dominated the popular image of immigrants, with very popular caricature portrayals of ethnic groups.

The specific features of these caricatures became widely accepted as accurate portrayals. In The Melting Pot , playwright Israel Zangwill — explored issues that dominated Progressive Era debates about immigration policies.

Zangwill's theme of the positive benefits of the American melting pot resonated widely in popular culture and literary and academic circles in the 20th century; his cultural symbolism — in which he situated immigration issues — likewise informed American cultural imagining of immigrants for decades, as exemplified by Hollywood films.

For example, Frank Sinatra's public image as a superstar contained important elements of the American Dream while simultaneously incorporating stereotypes about Italian Americans that were based in nativist and Progressive responses to immigration.

The process of assimilation has been a common theme of popular culture. For example, "lace-curtain Irish" refers to middle-class Irish Americans desiring assimilation into mainstream society in counterpoint to the older, more raffish "shanty Irish".

The occasional malapropisms and left-footed social blunders of these upward mobiles were gleefully lampooned in vaudeville, popular song, and the comic strips of the day such as Bringing Up Father , starring Maggie and Jiggs, which ran in daily newspapers for 87 years to In recent years the popular culture has paid special attention to Mexican immigration [] and the film Spanglish tells of a friendship of a Mexican housemaid Paz Vega and her boss played by Adam Sandler.

Novelists and writers have captured much of the color and challenge in their immigrant lives through their writings.

Regarding Irish women in the 19th century, there were numerous novels and short stories by Harvey O'Higgins, Peter McCorry, Bernard O'Reilly and Sarah Orne Jewett that emphasize emancipation from Old World controls, new opportunities and expansiveness of the immigrant experience.

On the other hand, Hladnik studies three popular novels of the late 19th century that warned Slovenes not to immigrate to the dangerous new world of the United States.

Jewish American writer Anzia Yezierska wrote her novel Bread Givers to explore such themes as Russian-Jewish immigration in the early 20th century, the tension between Old and New World Yiddish culture, and women's experience of immigration.

A well established author Yezierska focused on the Jewish struggle to escape the ghetto and enter middle- and upper-class America.

In the novel, the heroine, Sara Smolinsky, escape from New York City's "down-town ghetto" by breaking tradition.

She quits her job at the family store and soon becomes engaged to a rich real-estate magnate. She graduates college and takes a high-prestige job teaching public school.

Finally Sara restores her broken links to family and religion. The author emphasizes the authenticity of the experiences as depicted although he did change names.

The show is based on the story of Harelik's grandparents, Matleh and Haskell Harelik, who traveled to Galveston, Texas in In their documentary How Democracy Works Now: Twelve Stories , filmmakers Shari Robertson and Michael Camerini examine the American political system through the lens of immigration reform from to Since the debut of the first five films, the series has become an important resource for advocates, policy-makers and educators.

That film series premiered nearly a decade after the filmmakers' landmark documentary film Well-Founded Fear which provided a behind-the-scenes look at the process for seeking asylum in the United States.

That film still marks the only time that a film-crew was privy to the private proceedings at the U. Immigration and Naturalization Service INS , where individual asylum officers ponder the often life-or-death fate of immigrants seeking asylum.

The first, dominant in the 19th century, treated immigrants as in transition; in other words, as prospective citizens. As soon as people declared their intention to become citizens, they received multiple low-cost benefits, including the eligibility for free homesteads in the Homestead Act of [ clarification needed ] , and in many states, the right to vote.

The goal was to make the country more attractive, so large numbers of farmers and skilled craftsmen would settle new lands.

By the s, a second approach took over, treating newcomers as "immigrants by contract". An implicit deal existed where immigrants who were literate and could earn their own living were permitted in restricted numbers.

Once in the United States, they would have limited legal rights, but were not allowed to vote until they became citizens, and would not be eligible for the New Deal government benefits available in the s.

The third and more recent policy [ when? An immigrant who applies for citizenship as soon as permitted, has a long history of working in the United States, and has significant family ties, is more deeply affiliated and can expect better treatment.

The American Dream is the belief that through hard work and determination, any United States immigrant can achieve a better life, usually in terms of financial prosperity and enhanced personal freedom of choice.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: History of immigration to the United States. Main article: Asylum in the United States.

See also: United States immigration statistics. Asia Africa Europe 7. Australia and Oceania 0. Unknown 0. See also: List of U. United States and its territories.

Main article: Economic impact of illegal immigrants in the United States. Main article: Immigration policies of American labor unions.

See also: Immigration reform and Nativism politics. Main article: Immigrant health care in the United States. Further information: Education of immigrants in the United States.

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Segal, Doreen Elliott, Nazneen S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. Americans have long believed that immigrants are more likely than natives to commit crimes and that rising immigration leads to rising crime This belief is remarkably resilient to the contrary evidence that immigrants are in fact much less likely than natives to commit crimes.

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